Creation Process

Instructional Development of Learning Simulations

Each simulation was personally hand-selected by Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ (EICC) Engineering Staff. The selection process for each simulation was based on what the instructors’ believed to be the concepts students have the most trouble with. The identified concept was broken down into a 2-8 minute video.  We wanted to keep the video length to a minimum, but still have exceptional content that can be visually understood. To see the complete instructional design method used for this project and the rationale behind it, please download the Instructional Design Methodology document from Lucid Way.

Over 20 engineering technology college courses were audited and 5 EICC instructors were involved in the creation process of over 140 simulations you see here on this site. These simulations are used in the EICC Engineering Technology program as a result.  The following is the process followed to create each simulation.

1) Course/Module Audit – The instructors were recorded talking through the engineering concept they wanted a simulation for.


2) Storyboard – Using the instructor video, we created a storyboard with narration and animation cues.  Every storyboard was sent to the instructor for expert review and approval.

storyboard instructional design

3) Simulation Creation – Once the storyboard is approved, we had it narrated and sent off to be simulated in a 3D environment. Once completed, it is again sent to the instructor for approval.

learning simulation

 4) Quizzing/Remediation – Finally the simulation is packed up into an interactive player that can be embedded into any online course or used in the classroom.  The questions are meant to reinforce what was learned in the simulation and include additional resources and Section 508 accessibility options.

articulate storyline simulation engineering

For more information about the creation of these simulations or other questions, please contact